Target List

(last updated Dec. 4 2017)

Here is our target list, which covers some of the brightest dwarfs and subgiants in the Kepler/K2 C16 field:

K2 1-minute cadence:

HD 76445, V=7.6, G5 IV
HIP 44072, V=9.3, M0 V
HD 76780, V=7.6, G5 V
HD 75784, V=7.9, K3 IV (no RV data in 2017B)
HD 73534, V=8.2, G5 IV (no RV data in 2017B, on K2 C16 edge of chip, may affect photometric precision)

K2 30-minute cadence:

HIP 43418, V=9.3, K0 V
HIP 42783, V=10.1, K7 V
TYC 1404-20-1, V=9.03, K0 V (newly added!)
HIP 43948, V=10.9, M1 V (binary, no longer on our RV observing target list)


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