Updated Target List and Telescope Coverage

As stated in our home page, our target list (updated!) and a summary of our telescope coverage and observing schedule can be found here.

Again, we always welcome collaborations! Please let us know if you also plan to observe any of our targets.

The biggest change is that we replaced one of our M dwarfs, HIP 43948, which is a binary, with TYC 1404-20-1, which is a V=9.03 K0 dwarf. It did not make our initial target selection cut because of its early spectral type. It is already on K2 C16 30-min cadence target list thanks to other programs.

We are now busy organizing our observation campaigns, especially the long, 20-night run for IRTF/iSHELL, and several nights on Keck/HIRES. Thanks to its automation, APF does not require human observers to be up at night!

Please stay tuned for real data!



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